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NDA’s re-welcome in Tripura with bloodshed, murders : Biplab Deb a failed Chief Minister, Puppet Party President of BJP hooligans
TIWN May 27, 2019
NDA’s re-welcome in Tripura with bloodshed, murders : Biplab Deb a failed Chief Minister, Puppet Party President of BJP hooligans

AGARTALA / NEW DELHI, May 27 (TIWN): NDA Govt in Centre has been welcomed in Tripura with massive tortures on common men, murders, property damage regardless houses, waterbody, rubber-garden, vehicles. Even after Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s warning against violence, why there is no respite from the violence in state ? Bhakts are openly commenting in social media that a special team from RSS is coming in state and they will make sure the anti-party elements and few opposition activists will be put in jail without bail. 3 deaths have been reported in last 4 days along with over 200 physical attacks, property burnt or vandalized also crossed 150 in numbers. Opposition parities have demanded compensation to the post poll victims. The maximum violence has been centered in West Tripura whereas being a party president, Biplab Deb remained a puppet of BJP hooligans who are directly controlled by BJP General Secretary cum MP Pratima Bhowmik, who has won election by open cheating and robbery of votes. Across Tripura massive tensions are going on. Markets are burnt, people are being attacked from home.However, Chief Minister Biplab Deb is busy in his Delhi celebration of NDA’s victory.

The BJP activists not only injured other party activists but injured own party activists. Serious allegation has raised against BJP MLA Ramprasad Pal for attacking his own party’s women activists.

Congress leader Subal Bhowmik said, “Such level of anarchy was never seen in Tripura. The State is now handedover to a child. Who is whose guardian, nothing can be understood. Day night I am just busy in hospital visits”. Addressing media Subal Bhowmik said, “This election is a shame for our country, where opposition had no place to raise voice. The way BJP miscreants are attacking people house to house, murdering this is nightmare and was never seen in Tripura. Now artists are not even spared. It’s quite surprising that a section of people are supporting such brutalities done by BJP. People could not cast votes and they are claiming they won the election”.

“Now BJP-BJP fights have increased highest. Suryamaninagar MLA’s brother was beaten and then he also had beaten few more BJP supporters. In Bamutia also same things are happening. They are searching the criminals inside party but this is not just searching but infighting with area occupying issues”, said Bhowmik.

Congress President Pradyot Manikya has donated Rs. 10 lakhs for injured Congress activists and also urged the Congress supporters, leaders to do the same.

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