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Statewide violence, money extortion, murders exhausted public lives miserable in Tripura
TIWN May 27, 2019
Statewide violence, money extortion, murders exhausted public lives miserable in Tripura

AGARTALA, May 27 (TIWN): People of Tripura left insecure, two already died, over hundreds of people hospitalized as BJP hooligans have continued their illegal celebrations without any pause. The whole violence is mainly centered in West Tripura constituency, which was however expected as a criminal-background MP has been selected there. Most importantly. West Tripura MP Pratima Bhowmik’s right hands like MLA Ramprasad Pal are attacking the BJP supporters themselves led the Women wing supporters to come forward for protest on yesterday night against post poll violence. When across Tripura cries and screams are hovering, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb has chosen to stay at Delhi and to celebrate NDA’s victory. Law Minister Ratanlal Nath has also left state with Biplab Deb. Biplab Deb is also holding the Home Ministry but the most failed Chief Minister of Tripura who has failed to control law and order after each election. The attacks started as soon as State Govt took the charge after vote result out scripting a history of Tripura-Violence.

Experts are in view that due to Biplab Deb's continuation as Party President, Tripura is undergoing violence. 

As a part of post poll celebration, the ruling BJP has continued to damage public properties till now. At least 3 markets were burnt at South Tripura on yesterday night. The fire was set in Baikhora market which spread West Charakbari and Thakurchara area.

Across Tripura massive tensions are going on. Markets are burnt, people are being attacked from home.

Critical situations are going on in post-poll Tripura where BJP supporters are coming in open clashes since the result was declared on May 23rd. The reason of such similar fights so far power occupying issues in the party. Immediately after one Apu Das died in heart attack after BJP leaders threatened him over a financial issue, road blockade had hit Udaipur.

Then at Agartala Amtali a road blockade was organized by BJP activists demanding BJP leaders’ arrests who attacked them at Amtali party office on May 23rd. Allegedly, BJP activists attempted to occupy other BJP office, one of the groups of BJP blocked road at Amtali demanding arrest of accused persons involved in violence. On the other side, Mohila Morcha activists at Agartala were attacked on yesterday night. The whole attack was held under BJP MLA ram Prasad Pal and Mohila Morcha leaders.

The attacked activists said, “In CPI-M era were were not so much insulted but today being BJP supporters we are undergoing such situations”. One person was hospitalized in MLA Ram Prasad Pal led attack.

Nightwide massive attacks continued in Narshingarh area on yesterday as a part of BJP’s Election victory celebration.

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