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‘Only 3.5 lakhs remained Unemployed in Tripura as 4.5 lakhs became Job-Creators’ : BJP backed media
TIWN May 9, 2019
‘Only 3.5 lakhs remained Unemployed in Tripura as 4.5 lakhs became Job-Creators’ : BJP backed media
PHOTO : Tripura CM Biplab Deb. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, May 9 (TIWN): BJP backed newspapers have once again introduced gaffes about fake job creations as now their shocking data is claiming 4.5 lakhs of youths in Tripura already became job-creators. Ahead of the news items were published Chief Minister Biplab Deb had announced Sarkari Naukri is not meant for work opportunity or income. With 50,000 Govt jobs in 1-year promise the BJP came in power but after assuming the power the BJP Govt has only given 1377 jobs and terminated 5000 contractual employees whereas in Left Govt’s time 5,000 jobs were given per year were given at an average. Biplab Deb who came under massive controversy by advising youths to rear cows and open paan-shops has doubled the unemployment rate and in April-2018, the unemployment rate is at 25.4% Unemployed youths are resented on the Govt as it has terminated contractual employees, dismissed all ongoing jobs. There is also no sign of massive recruitments in the coming days according to Finance Dept's notification.

Due to job crisis, unemployment business and rural economy have been affected heavily.

On the occasion of May day, daily workers at Battala in general described a gloom economic situation including slashing of MGNREGA works.

This month unemployment rate is above 25.5%. However Chief Minister Biplab Deb claimed that employment does not stand for Govt Jobs (Govt job matlab Sarkari Naukri nehi). Now question raises, do Tripura youths need any Left or Right Govt for be self-dependent ?

Businessmen and opening shops like profession can not credit a Government rather it’s his/her strive to become self-dependent.

There are around 7 lakhs of unemployed who are trying to get Govt jobs but the opportunity of Govt jobs have been slashed in last 1 year, but before Election the BJP leaders never uttered that “Job opportunity does not mean Govt jobs” which led the whole confusion and 7 lakhs unemployed youths voted for BJP.

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