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Drainage, Waste Management and Cleanliness: AMC Mayor Exclusive to TIWN :NE’s first Sanitary Landfill to be set up in Tripura
Drainage, Waste Management and Cleanliness: AMC Mayor Exclusive  to TIWN :NE’s first Sanitary Landfill to be set up in Tripura
PHOTO : AMC Mayor Prafullajit Sinha. File Photo

AGARTALA, September 26 (TIWN): Incessant rain for past few days was not only about to distort the mood of festivity but the same has also turned number of prime streets, lanes and locality of city and city outskirts into an irking waterlogged place. The man made islands at various places in and around Agartala city are raising questions about the drainage system and sanitation facilities of the capital.

To enquire into the matter and look what the municipal authority’s take on the issue cited above, TIWN had an exclusive talk with Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) Mayor Dr. Prafuillajit Sinha. “Before the Puja all the waterlogged areas of the city will be cleaned up and as an added step we have issued orders for a temporary halt to all the government and non-government construction works”, said the Mayor. By today (September 26) all the ongoing construction works and materials have to be removed from the street side so to ensure cleanliness and convenience for the passersby. Furthermore, to cope up with the waterlogging, AMC has 12 pump machines operating in the entire Agartala where 2 more are to be installed soon. 

Relating to the same, way back in the month of March of 2011, IAS Officer Kiran Gitte had an overseas trip to Singapore for studying and analysing the drainage system and other civic facilities of the country concerned. But what that foreign visit has actually yielded, putting a significant effect on government exchequer, is not yet known. At least the post rain scenario is denoting the same. “Yes! I have heard of something like that but we are not in possession of any recommendation or documents relating to Mr. Gitte’s visit and reports but if something is there , the government has  the relevant things”, told Mr. Sinha.

Meanwhile, while speaking on the developments of construction of drains and drainage facilities of city Agartala, the Mayor informed that AMC has been allotted Rs. 200 crore under 13th Finance Commission grant and utilising the same all the 35 wards and 6 new Development Committees (DC) within the jurisdiction of AMC will have cover drains. “At present we have 18 cover drains and more are likely to come in near future”, he said. The additional drains, though, are named feeder drains where main cover drauinjs will pour its water and wastes. Apart from the central grant, another separate project (fully funded by the state government), for making cover drains, is in the pipeline and in the course of its implementation, number of shops will be removed from the street sides. “In the initial phase, from Orient Choumuhoni to Rajib Bhawan we will lay cover drains and the entire area will have double storied buildings”, he informed. The shopkeepers, now operating at west side of Children Park, will be brought to the first floor of the said facility. In addition, the entire area situated between East Agartala Police Station (East PS) to Mahanam Angan Ashram will also be provided with cover drain facility.    

Apart from speaking on the drainage and sewage system, the Mayor also informed our TIWN correspondent about the state and future course of actions on solid waste management of the capital city. As he told following the troubles and objections of the people concerned the Hapania dumping ground has been shut down. “Now we have been provided with a place at Debendranagar where the garbage will be disposed off and as nearly 70 % work is completed we are to initiate the running of  the plant in the next month of October”, said Dr. Sinha. Regarding the same, the AMC Mayor said: “Tripura will be the first state in North East (NE) India to have a sanitary Landfill facility of its own where all the non biodegradable wastes will be processed.” The Debendranagar plant will have a capacity of processing 250 Metric Ton
(MT) of garbage for generating fertiliser. “Even we are thinking that to utiliise the plant at its optimum capacity, we will be short of required amount of garbage and to cope up with that we may also use Ranir Bazar and Mohanpur area for procuring garbage”, he said.

“The cleanliness drive in the city is being ensured by 400 containers across the city where 200 more will be given shortly and futher more 200 ones will come up to keep the city clean”, he further added.                                                     


Drainage System failures in Agartala. TIWN Photo

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