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Price hike, down Economy, poverty, unemployment cripples Durga Puja celebration in Tripura : Smart phone for youths, 7th CPC turned biggest ever JUMLA
TIWN Oct 12, 2018
Price hike, down Economy, poverty, unemployment cripples Durga Puja celebration in Tripura : Smart phone for youths, 7th CPC turned biggest ever JUMLA

AGARTALA, Oct 12 (TIWN): JUMLA Era’s misrule across Tripura visible as Durga Puja celebration yet to kick off in State as massive poverty, crisis have gripped the state. Price hike in each commodities including today's hike of auto fares in Airport route by introducing prepaid auto/taxi system has left the State crippled under 7 months of BJP ruling. When BJP is backing various issues like NRC, Ayodhya's Ram Mandir State economy left totally depressed with continuous price hike of commodities. ADC areas and deep rural areas left without work, poor people's Durga Puja this year turned gloom due to no money, no income at all, whereas Gana Mukti Parishad (CPI-M's tribal wing) has demanded 200 days MGNREGA works in ADC areas. Durga puja left only 2 days behind but till now there is no celebration temperament even in the capital city, budgets are down, no music has been played by any club till now whereas tomorrow the pandals of various clubs are going to be inaugurated.

Today, huge numbers of Tripura Health Dept employees have come in protest at the West Dist CMO Office demanding pending salaries, 2 days ahead of Durga Puja. In case of Govt Employees, Pensioners the biggest ever JUMLA has been done in the name of 7th pay Commission with merely 0.32 factor hike without any DA, whereas SMART Phone for youths promise is becoming a forgotten history.When maximum youths have voted for BJP,IPFT but the smart phones yet to be introduced by the Govt.

When State Govt employees are resented over Govt's promise to fulfill the 7th Pay Commission, Tripura's other Dept employees, contractual are suffering due to irregular payments. Instead of 7th Pay Commission State Govt employees were almost ended by getting only 0.32 factor hike. 

On the contrary it can be noted that Chief Minister recently has announced that he doesn't have much funds for roadway project and survey says various depts are left in same situation including social pensions are also stopped. 

Over 800 contractual employees were terminated including poor mid-day-meal workers. There is a massive slash in MGNREGA works and rural areas are suffering due to no workless conditions. Heavy commodity price hike has hit the market increasing suicide cases in prominent areas in the capital city. 

Chief Minister Biplab Deb's Paan-Shop and Dairy-farming theories are leading Tripura with unemployment tolls with 39.1% was recorded in the last month. Govt's zero initiative to fill up the vacant posts in Govt Depts are turning the situation worse and at the same time, under the previous Govt various ongoing jobs under Tripura Public Service Commission has been postponed for uncertain period of time. When CM is boasting Modi Govt for historical decisions of Rs. 5 down in fuel price, the unemployment rate not only has topped Tripura in whole country but much above than runners states in unemployment.

Showering sympathy on the 8 lakhs unemployed youths, BJP came in power, strengthened by Modi's promise of HIRA-era, but this HIRA(Diamond in word sense) has resulted poisonous. Unemployment is not only the problem of Tripura, but across the country the same problems are being faced by jobless people under Modi Govt. Being fed up with Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s bizarre remarks, with his fancy planning for unemployed youths, netizens are throwing sharp reactions against their new Chief Minister.

Youths are worried about what the Govt isdoing is ‘actually’ to curbing the employment opportunities. BJP's intention was exposed when Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb offered youths to open paan shop or breed cows for livelihood.

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