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Court dismissed Biplab Deb aligned Illegal Press Club Committee, reinstates Old Committee, a big win for Democracy
TIWN Oct 11, 2018
Court dismissed Biplab Deb aligned Illegal Press Club Committee, reinstates Old Committee, a big win for Democracy
PHOTO : Illegal members of Agartala Press Club met CM Biplab Deb after senior journalists filed case against them. PC: Social media.

Agartala, Oct 11 (TIWN): After High Court’s tight slap on Biplab Deb’s muscle-flexing closure of Daily Desher Katha(DDK) as now DDK now started printing again - today Agartala Court again slapped Biplab gang, dismissed Biplab Deb aligned Journalists formed Press Club New committee headed by Pranab Sarkar, Biswendu Bhattacharjee as these Illegal power mongers captured Press Club by conducting ‘No Contest’ Fake Election.

Recently after Govt change an undemocratic election was held at Agartala Press Club which totally violating the Constitution of the Press Club.

Senior Journalists Sitangshu Ranjan Dey, Prashanta Chakraborty filed a petition against the farcical election. Lawyers Purusottam Ray Barman and Raghunath Mukherjee on behalf of Journalists Sitangshu Ranjan Dey and Prashanta Chakraborty have appealed court to cancel the illegal Press Club Election led by Pranab Sarkar (illegal Secretary of Pres Club), Biswendu Bhattacharjee (illegal Vice President of Press Club), who are not even members of press club but 'outsiders'.

Today, under Court's order it has been clearly said, "Court is of the view that plaintiff-petitioner should get the ex-parte ad-interim temporary injunction as per Order 39 Rule-1 and 2 of CPC of the CPC". The Court order also said, that the arbitrary members "are restrained from representing themselves as Managing Committee of the Agartala Press Club and from acting in that capacity in that manner". 

Also it has been directed that no way they can use the funds of Press Club anymore. Civil Court gave a stern notice that illegal members should stay away from interfering the ongoing in Press Club by legally elected members. "Further the Court is of the opinion that the object of granting the injunction could be defeated by delay and therefore ex-parte ad-interim temporary injunction is granted in favour of plaintiff-petitioners till 17.11.2018".  (The dismiss to be continue till the next hearing on November 27)

Agartala Press Club’s Pranab Sarkar’s chosen members announced winner via ‘No Contest’ Election are : 

1) Subal Dey (President)

2) Biswendu Bhattacharjee (Vice President)

3) Pranab Sarkar (Secretary)

4) Dipanta Majumder (Asst Secretary)

5) Kamal Kalai (Asst Secretary),

6) Tapan Majumder (Treasurer)

7) Ranjan Roy (Executive member) 


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