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CPI-M mocks Biplab Deb Govt after 'Pay Matrix' JUMLA announced for State Employees, says, 'Left Govt's Pay Revision recommendation expenditure was Rs. 1430 crores, BJP's only Rs. 912 crores'
TIWN Oct 11, 2018
CPI-M mocks Biplab Deb Govt after 'Pay Matrix' JUMLA announced for State Employees, says, 'Left Govt's Pay Revision recommendation expenditure was Rs. 1430 crores, BJP's only Rs. 912 crores'
PHOTO : Pic 1 (Left-top) : Tripura Pay Matrix-2018 announced on October 9, Pic (Right-top): CPI-M held press meet. (Pics bottom): BJP signing agreement with State employees and Pensioners promising doubling of salaries (File Photos)

AGARTALA, Oct 11 (TIWN): After massive JUMLA-campaigning led by PM Modi, Amit Shah, Biplab Deb and all National level, State level BJP leaders, 7 months old BJP Govt's failure to announce 7th pay Commission for State employee and pensioners has shocked the State Employees and Pensioners. With BJP's failure and surrender of 7th Pay Commission by 0.32 factor hike, state opposition parties have started to react sharply, whereas CPI-M on Thursday has asked employees to measure both CPI-M and BJP Govt when they get the salaries in hand. After BJP Govt announced Tripura Pay Matrix 2018 on Tuesday, CPI-M State Secretary Bijan Dhar as said, "Even though it's totally matter of Govt employees but as opposition party we will say the previous CPI-M Govt's Pay Revision recommendation has cost Rs. 1430 crores whereas now BJP Govt's Pay Revision only to cost Rs. 912 crores". "We already mentioned this Vision Document as a poisonous element to unseat the Left Govt, whereas now it proves there was no need of unseating Left Govt and empowering a totally undemocratic Govt like BJP. "Now CPI-M's 19.68% booster or BJP's 14.2% booster is more ? The Govt employees should count now. The issue doesn't end here, the BJP Govt is going forward with New Pension Policy, abolition of Group-D in future and many more JUMLA moves", Bijan Dhar said.

Displaying BJP's pre-poll calculation which was placed before the State Govt employees as pre-election JUMLA, Bijan Dhar said, "In pay band (in CPI-M era) State Govt employees were getting Rs. 19346 whereas Central Govt was said by BJP giving Rs. 41,602 that means 22,206 rupees of losses the State Govt employees are undergoing. In pay band 3, it was said, State Govt employees were getting 27664 rupees less than the Central employees etc. Then it was said that under 7th Pay Commission State and Central Govt employees will get same salaries along with arrears from 2016, January 1st. Our Govt (CPI-M) couldn't give more than that but it's clear that Left Govt's Pay Revision recommendation expenditure was Rs. 1430 crores, whereas now it's Rs. 912 crores under BJP Govt's recommendation". 

It can be noted, increasing only 0.32 factor than Manik Sarkar Govt’s 2.25 factor and terming it as 7th Pay Commission has been just as a JUMLA strike on the State employees hopes from the BJP Govt. Double salary hike dream has been collapsed with Biplab Deb’s announcement of Pay Matrix at the effect of 2018, October at only 0.32 factor increase. At the same time, future possibilities for 7th Pay Commission has been ended as Govt has declared it as 7th Pay Commission. TIWN in a series has been reporting how Rajasthan, Manipur, Bihar, Assam, UP like states employees are deprive of 7th Pay Commission where BJP is ruling since before than Tripura.

Before Election in speeches, agreement copies with employees BJP assured multiple times that 7th Pay Commission with 2016 effect will be given to the employees whereas instead of 7th Pay Commission, a pay hike has been announced today in a press conference held at Secretariat led by Chief Minister Biplab Deb but a section of BJP backed media are desperately telling lie that 7th Pay Commission has been announced whereas employees are frustrated, sad and shocked with the announcement.

Pensioners are heavily shocked who were expecting 7th Pay Commission with effect of 2016 as BJP promised them in agreement.

CPI-M as soon as the budget declaration said, 7th Pay Commission can not be given by BJP Govt, whereas now it’s all clear that Modi Govt during CPI-M era deprived the state heavily with central funding. Till day, even after same govt formed in Tripura and Centre, deprivation from centre continues.

 Before election, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi said in first cabinet meeting 7th pay commission will be given. Amit Shah said, ,"Cast your vote on 18, 3rd March BJP to win and take your salary according to 7th Pay commission". Assam Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma told media,"Create such a situation in MP election that we can't win it(Lok Sabha) election".

 But keeping Tripura in zero deficit budget, Biplab Deb Delhi visit with #TransformingTripura slogan, hypes on "Model State in 3 years" Deb failed to draw 7th Pay Commission for 2 lakh Govt employees.  In the press release of Govt of Tripura a suspicious note has been released which says the benefit will be slightly lower than 2.57 factor.

“Tripura State Pay Matrix 2018 subject to be condition that whatever the revised pay works out higher than the corresponding pay as per 7th CPC recommendations, as a result of application of multiplication factor of 2.57, suitable adjustments shall be made with a view of keeping parity with 7th Pay Commission recommendation. As a result multiplication factor to be slightly lower than 2.57 factor”

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