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BJP emerged as the first party in India won Elections with desperate lies : Tripura's Vision Document the Biggest ever JUMLA with State Public
TIWN Oct 11, 2018
BJP emerged as the first party in India won Elections with desperate lies : Tripura's Vision Document the Biggest ever JUMLA with State Public
PHOTO : File Photo of CM Biplab Deb with Modi, Shah on oath taking ceremony.

AGARTALA, Oct 11 (TIWN): FAKE promises to win Elections are the prime Formula for BJP’s win in various States including Tripura. Innocent Govt employees, pensioners of Northeast State Tripura are reeling under JUMLA-shocks after they had deeply trusted BJP as no other Prime Minister like Modi did ever dare to lie to people by fake pre-poll promises ahead of Assembly Election. In case of Tripura including Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley involved in this JUMLA-Task by publishing written Document of a "Lie Sheet" under the banner of "Vision Document". Chief Minister Biplab Deb promised recently, if he can not fulfill the Vision Document then he will quit Tripura Politics, but now without fulfilling Vision Document's a single point, CM has declared a merely 0.32 factor hike as 7th Pay Commission. CM also said, in the same way all promises to be fulfilled.Crores of funds were wasted in Chief Minister’s quarter renovation. More 1 crore in oath taking and in his Delhi visit with full team of Secretariat even with family members and relatives are burdening the state with huge amounts but Biplab Deb failed to draw 7th Pay Commission for 2 lakh Govt employees.

 In an agreement with the employees, BJP said during Election campaigning, "When 7th Pay Commission will be actually announced then 32% booster salary will be hiked" and CPI-M claimed 14.2% is hiked through 7th Pay Commission was also bluffed by BJP but now after 7 months of delay with Verma-Committee report submission drama, BJP has increased 14.2% whereas how far it has been increased it will be understood once the salary enters in November month. 

With the announcement of 0.32 factor pay hike from 2.25 factor of Manik Sarkar’s Govt and claiming it as 7th Pay Commission has proven Biplab De couldn’t manage fund from the Centre.Earlier, Bipab Deb said that Rs. 20000 crores to be needed to fulfill the 7th Pay Commission whereas now he wants to complete pay commission at Rs. 1000 crores. 

Before election, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi said in first cabinet meeting 7th pay commission will be given. Amit Shah said, ,"Cast your vote on 18, 3rd March BJP to win and take your salary according to 7th Pay commission". Assam Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma told media,"Create such a situation in MP election that we can't win it(Lok Sabha) election". 

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