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DGP inaugurates National Tobacco Control Programme
TIWN Oct 4, 2018
DGP inaugurates National Tobacco Control Programme
PHOTO : DGP A K Shukla addressing at Pragna Bhawan. TIWN Pic Oct 4

AGARTALA, Oct 4 (TIWN): Banning Paan-masala, gutkha selling and consumption along with various prohibitions in smoking and other addictions, Tripura has been introduced freshly by Tobacco Control Act, Article-47.

One National Tobacco Control Programme was inaugurated by DGP A K Shukla at Pragna Bhawan on Thursday.

DGP A K Shula appreciated the attempt adding, Children often learn from elders as during birth they never know tobacco consuming. 

Of Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 Section-2,3.4 of FSSA ban has been imposed banning manufacture, storage, sale or distribution of Gutkha / Paan masala or any product with tobacco.

Cigarretes and other tobacco products (2003) : This is a prohibition on smoking in public area smoking, direct/indirect advertisement of tobacco product which may lead to 2 years imprisonment, selling of tobacco products to the minors, prohibition of selling tobacco within 100 meters of educational institutions, prohibitions also on selling of any tobacco product without pictorial health warnings etc. 

However, it can not be claimed such rules have introduced first time in Tripura, rather public place smoking like issues were banned long back strictly many times by the previous Govt, but violation of laws continue amid awareness.

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