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Tripura Unemployment Rate tolls high : From 15.16% in March-2018 (CPI-M Govt) unemployment rate spikes 39.1% (BJP Govt) in September-2018
TIWN Oct 4, 2018
Tripura Unemployment Rate tolls high : From 15.16% in March-2018 (CPI-M Govt) unemployment rate spikes 39.1% (BJP Govt) in September-2018
PHOTO : BJP Govt led first Tripura Assembly. TIWN File Photo of March 23, 2018 (CM Biplab Deb shaking hand with Ex-CM Manik Sarkar)

AGARTALA, Oct 4 (TIWN): Tripura since years has been continuing to roll on the top of the statewise unemployment list. BJP during the then CPI-M era promised the 8 lakhs unemployed youths that in 'each house there will be a job', but the gross figure of the September month's unemployment rate is 39.1%. It has not only broken past records of Tripura's unemployment rate, but no other Indian state till day suffered from that much high unemployment rate. Indeed, Modi HIRA turned Tripura’s Hitler as openly HIRA is asking various officials to shut down any media outlet which criticize JUMLA Govt and its clowns. Biplab Deb’s attempt to silence all criticizing opposition media outlets continued after exposure of various failures in 7 months JUMLA era. “Tripura doesn’t need Manik (Sarkar) anymore, it needs HIRA (Biplab). You saw CPI-M again and again, just see BJP for once’, punched vociferously by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his pre-election speech in Tripura. Chief Minister Biplab Deb promised, 7 lakhs jobs will be given in 30 months but after 7 months the HIRA turning poisonous as unemployment rate has reached at 39.1%.

When in August month tension had increased with 9% hike in unemployment rate at 28.60% but this month it reached at 39.10% (40%) i.e. more 12% hike than the August month. Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy has released the date of statewise, where Tripura not only tops in unemployment rate but also 18 % more than the second topper state in unemployment Chhattisgarh (22.2%). 

Established in 1875, the BSE is Asia’s first stock exchange has released the data. According to BSE, In November 2017 unemployment rate was 8.19% in December 2017 13.25 % in January 2018 (Pre-Election time) the unemployment rate was 20.09 % which raised in February (election month) 30.33 %, then worst at March with 15.16 %, April 13.64, then in May 23.93 %, June 22.82 % but July it slightly downed at 17.98 % but led disaster in August with 28.60 and finally it now at 39.1% almost 40%.

Recently TPSC has postponed the interviews but  since then (Aug 20) 25 days have been crossed but TPSC is silent over the recruitment procedure. Changing the ruling party for betterment of the state has resulted haunting as nightmare for unemployed youths.

However, 1222 teachers who are already TET qualified and were served with offer letters in July month will get postings before Durga Puja, but these are long pending jobs under the previous Govt whereas with 39.1% unemployment question raised again, ‘What about house to house jobs?”

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