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BMS vs BJP fights continue in Tripura
TIWN Oct 3, 2018
BMS vs BJP fights continue in Tripura
PHOTO : BMS placed deputation to SP West. TIWN Pic Oct 2

AGARTALA, Oct 3 (TIWN): Unresolved fights between Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangha (BMS) and BJP have been continuing in Tripura since the election result was declared.

The fights among BJP and BMS mostly centered in the motorstands of the state. With a similar issue a deputation was placed to the West SP Ajit Pratap Singh by BMS alleging BJP led attacks upon BMS.

However, exactly what was the cause of BJP and BMS debate, the BMS activists didn't clarify it to media but it was heard they are blaming BJP again with certain issues.

On August 24 a violent clash had erupted among BJP's Unnoyon Mancha and BMS at Negaerjala motorstand. 

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