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BJP Govt's failure to appeal in SC against Triple Murderer Sushil Choudhury : Ganadoot murder accused Sushil's righthand, mastermind,criminal Ranjan Roy occupied Press Club membership illegally via BJP bootlickers
TIWN Sep 21, 2018
BJP Govt's failure to appeal in SC against Triple Murderer Sushil Choudhury : Ganadoot murder accused Sushil's righthand, mastermind,criminal Ranjan Roy occupied Press Club membership illegally via BJP bootlickers
PHOTO : Sushil Choudhury is being taken to court. TIWN File Photo. Photo inset : Photopgrapher Ranjan Roy.

AGARTALA, Sep 21 (TIWN): BJP Govt's reluctance in appealing in Supreme Court against Triple Murderer Sushil Choudhury’'s acquittal in brutal triple murder case inside Ganadoot Patrika office.once against exposed criminalizing State Politics as various corrupt BJP and CPI-M Politicians shielding Sushil Choudhury. Triple Murderer cum Ganadoot Patrika Editor Sushil Choudhury’s right hand Ranjan Roy who is involved with illegal earning through smggling was involved in petty theft case of Rs. 20000 back in 2015, became a member of Agartala Press Club illegally. Sushil Chowdhury's right hand man Ranjan Roy and Agartala's another smuggler Chandan Ravi Das have been working with Sushil Choudhury before the Triple murder in Ganadoot Patrika office, which in 2013 shaken the state. It was known soon that actually photographer Ranjan Roy was also the mastermind behind the deadly Triple murder at the Ganadoot Patrika Office, Ranjan Roy also managed the crime cover-up under Sushil Choudhury’s instruction.

It was hoped that BJP Govt will knock the Supreme Court on this case, but frustrating the hopes of people under BJP Govt the so called photographer with dark-photography-skill entered Agartala Press Club illegally as a member, although a case has been filed against the  Pranab Sarkar led illegal members of Press Club by a section of journalists led by Senior Journalist Sitangshu Ranjan Dey. Sushil Choudhury with help of BJP’s few leaders managed to stop the case till Supreme Court and his pet Ranjan Roy has been appointed  in Agartala Press Club to continue smuggling business under the garb of press-club Journalist ID.

Tripura BJP’s top leader Sunil Deodhar was exposed sharing tea, biscuits with jail returned Dainik Ganadoor Editor Sushil Chowdhury which has hit a BJP leaders too, whereas on November 17, 2017 being asked by TIWN at BJP office on journalist Santanu Bhoumik, Sudip Datta Bhoumik murder cases, Deodhar demanding CBI said, “We demand CBI investigation in both journalists murders. We do not have any trust on SIT, CID and Tripura Police, nor the 37 lakhs of people have trust on state police. If we talk about Ganadoot murder case, who killed own staffs in his office was released and who killed the 3 media persons police till day police couldn’t prove”. Tripura High court on December 10 released the Dainik Ganadoot editor-cum-owner Sushil Choudhury. 75-year-old editor Sushil Choudhury was alleged as the sole accused in the murder of three employees on the premises of the Bengali daily in Agartala on May 19.

Noteworthy, the lower court earlier awarded life imprisonment till death to the newspaper editor-cum-owner in a year-old triple murder case. Kripankur Chakraborty, additional district and session’s judge of West Tripura district, also slapped a fine of Rs.70, 000 on 75-year-old Sushil Choudhury. The judge earlier awarded the rigorous life imprisonment till his death for murdering three of his employees May 19, 2013.

The sources said that as the police failed to put up any appealing evidence against the accused, the prime accused Sushil Choudhury was released from jail. After carrying out in-depth investigation, Investigating Officer Manas Paul had submitted a 562-page charge sheet accusing Sushil Chowdhury for the gruesome incident before the Addl District and Sessions court. However, failing to prove any allegation against the accused the court has released him from jail.

The court had earlier on July 14 held 75-year-old Sushil Choudhury guilty of murder, conspiracy and abetment in murder of Dainik Ganadoot manager Ranjit Choudhury, proof reader Sujit Bhattacharjee and driver Balaram Ghosh.

The incident occurred on May 19, 2013. The court freed Niyati Ghosh, wife of slain driver, from charges of misleading investigation as she had turned approver in the case.

Reportedly, Sushil Choudhury took the help of his driver Balaram Ghosh to murder Ranjit Choudhury in the office. Following this, proof reader Sujit Bhattacharjee rushed out of his room and caught hold of the driver who was holding a knife. In the scuffle they stabbed each other and died in the presence of Sushil Choudhury who did nothing to stop the clash. The editor was allegedly involved in nefarious activities including brokering land deals. Ranjit Choudhury was targeted as he had vowed to expose him, say the reports.

This is one of the rarest-of-the-rare cases. Allegedly Choudhury was the main architect of the killing of three people and it was a pre-planned and tactful murder. Three employees of 'Danik Ganadoot', a vernacular daily were killed inside the newspaper office premises at Palace Compound in the heart of the city on May 19, 2013 sending shock waves across the entire state.

In this situation, it’s hoped BJP Govt will reopen the murder case once again, except only political dialogues on journalists’ murder cases. Ranjan Roy’s theft in 2015 was caught redhanded by one office bearer of Agartala office and also face mass beating by locals.,

Criminals like Ranjan Roy alongwith petty drug smugglers like Chandan Ravi Das now harbouring political future under BJP's radarless Govt.

BJP Govt must appeal agajnst HC's verdict  in Supreme Court, acquitting Sushil Chowdhury was a manipulated Police & CPI-M corruption .Supreme Court  monitored CBI investigation is much urgent to find out the actual culprit behind Ganadoot murder case.

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