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Preparations for Durga Puja on peak at Agartala
TIWN Sep 19, 2018
Preparations for Durga Puja on peak at Agartala
PHOTO : Preparations for Durga Puja on peak at Santipara club. TIWN Pic Sep 19

AGARTALA, Sep 19 (TIWN): Preparations are on peak here in Agartala keeping the upcoming Durga Puja ahead.

Only 26 days left for Durga Puja, various clubs are busy in pandal preparations, but at the same time pressures are imposed on households due to various clubs' excessive donation collections.

At Santipara club, the pandal is being decorated in big size and 10 arms of Goddess Durga will be displayed during puja.

But when Tripura have become busy with puja pandal preparations with hefty budget, but the situation is gloom with price hike, no pay commission or increase in allowance or social pensions. 

Even though markets have been filled with dresses and other collections, but business is dull yet in the state.

This year Durga puja to be started from October 15 and to be ended on October 19.

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