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‘Oppositions shouldn’t cross Laxman Rekhas to talk against Govt’, says JUMLA Party after Rs. 10,000 crore’s Scam against Biplab Govt exposed
TIWN Sep 18, 2018
‘Oppositions shouldn’t cross Laxman Rekhas to talk against Govt’, says JUMLA Party after Rs. 10,000 crore’s Scam against Biplab Govt exposed
PHOTO : Pic 1 (Left) : Congress leader Gopal Roy addressing media (File Photo), Pic Right (Top) : Pratima Bhowmik addressing media. TIWN Pic Sep 18, Pic Right (Bottom): Tripura CM Biplab Deb (File Photo).

AGARTALA, Sep 18 (TIWN): Suppressing opposition voice via muscle power will kick out BJP from power as majority of people who voted for BJP will not vote for the party in upcoming Lok Sabha, Assembly Elections after JUMLA experience, Inexperienced, power hungry BJP leaders who yet to learn A, B, C, D of the constitution, whose leaders as Ram Prasad Pal teaches police that “Law is created by Politicians, not Police”, when BJP General Secretary Pratima Bhowmik illegally uses Helicopter-rides with Chief Minister Biplab Deb. Today Pratima Bhowmik has told media at Agartala Party HQ, “Oppositions should not cross the Laxman Rekha and hit the Govt like this”.Bhowmik was addressing media, after Congress leader Gopal Roy exposed how without tender BJP govt handedover Rs. 10,000 crores roadway project to NHIDCL. BJP’s many leaders specially Pratima Bhowmik who allegedly controls Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb like a “remote control” also shared dais in many Govt prestigious programmes, which she doesn’t deserve but just like uninvited, shameless guest has shown her faces in Dept’s programmes, where she had zero functioning.

Apart from Pratima Bhowmik, Papiya Datta and many more BJP leaders often have broken the protocols, which none of the Congress turned BJP Ministers or MLAs have done such activities even by mistake. But the new BJP leader today claimed, opposition should not cross “Laxman Rekha”. 

Gopal Roy was MLA for long time, was responsible for leading opposition leadership, functioned in the Assembly for decades but BJP MLA Ratan Chakraborty, Secretary Pratima Bhowmik said that constitution taught them how oppositions should function.

However, till day not even 1 % attack the oppositions could do on the Govt in Tripura as it’s only so called “6 months govt”, but going in such ‘intolerant’ way, BJP likely to generate further resentments among the opposition and common men.

Party controls the transfers of BJP Govt, State Election Commission stayed paralyzed before BJP goonda leaders as Ram Prasad Pal, but here BJP leaders have come to teach the opposition “manners & behaviours” by ‘forgetting’ their own dirty games when they were in opposition.

BJP’s roleplays as opposition (in 2017) today is raising question, ‘Who killed Santanu ? Which party was standing behind the accused, CBI booked IPFT activists ? Who were behind IPFT from Road Blockade to alleged Santanu murder ?”

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