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Tripura Sanskrit College students demand transfer of Odisha Professors
TIWN Sep 18, 2018
Tripura Sanskrit College students demand transfer of Odisha Professors
PHOTO : Sanskrit College Students protesting against Odisha Professors' biased behaviour with them. TIWN Pic Sep 18

AGARTALA, Sep 18 (TIWN): Serious allegation came against “outsider” Professors for instigating communal tension in Sanskrit College by openly favouring Odisha students regardless the Odisha students wrongdoings.

A protest was staged at Sanskrit College “Rashtriya Sanskrit Santhan” near Agartala Buddha Mandir area by Tripura Bengali and Tribal students jointly, demanding transfer of all Odisha teachers.

Being asked by media, students alleged, “Few Professors from Odisha working in this College have abused Tripura people, locals and also tribals and their tortures are not new but always they are in groupism with Odisha students”.

The Professors have been identified as Jitendra Kumar Raiguru, Mahesh Kumar Panigrahi, Ramakanta Mishra.

After the Professors centering Biswakarma Puja’s balance sheet came in argument with students and all blames went to the Odisha students, they (Professors) came heavily after Tripura students and said, “Tripura is a small state and people are very less in number but Odisha is a vast state. How can Tripura be compared with Odisha? We’ll break hands and legs of Tripura people. Is this College students’ fathers’ property ?”

After students met in arguments centering a issue, Odisha origin Professor Ramakanta Mishra favoured the Odisha students without hearing anything from Tripura students.

“This is not new ! Since the teachers came, they never appreciated us, but they insult and torture the Tripura students”, said state’s students. 

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