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'Country first needs Neeti, not Neta' : Communist Manik Sarkar calls Modi Govt as Anti-Poor; hits fuel, commodity price hikes
TIWN Sep 5, 2018
'Country first needs Neeti, not Neta' : Communist Manik Sarkar calls Modi Govt as Anti-Poor; hits fuel, commodity price hikes
PHOTO : Manik Sarkar addressing in Khet Mazdoor Union led rally at Agartala. TIWN Pic Sep 5

AGARTALA, Sep 5 (TIWN): Tripura CPI-M Ex Chief Minister cum Politburo Manik Sarkar on Wednesday has hit the BJP led Central Govt calling it an anti-poor, working against the welfare of farmers and poor people. Manik Sarkar said, "Nothing will happen by changing Netas (leaders) of our country. No progress will meet by changing the Prime Minister and Finance Minister and leaders until the Neeti (Policy) is being changed, which has been "capitalist" in nature. "Hardly India got such leadership which has formed new policies for the welfare of the overall society and upgradation of poor people's lives. CPI-M fought against both Govts at Centre (Congress, BJP), which have experienced by ruling the country. Sarkar was addressing in a protest rally at Agartala organized by Khet Majdoor union, which is a nationwide protest. Addressing in the rally Manik Sarkar said, "Under the BJP Govt everyday petrol, diesel prices are increasing, commodity prices are on spike at the same race.

Since the beginning the Govt is planwise cutting MGNREGA works, forcing poor people to work at low price and one after one anti-poor policies are being formed for the capitalists' profits. According to central govt's data itself, MGNREGA mandays have been decreased". 

"The previous govt (Congress) was also same, but we (Left Front Govt) kept the pressure upon the Centre and managed funds for the poor but since 2014 the Govt has become more cruel and started working only for the rich people planwise", Sarkar said. 

"Factory owners who are practiced to get cheap labours, to save their profits an unannounced strike has been called against MGNREGA works by the BJP Govt. Our State Govt's budget also clearly says hardly 30-40 days of NGNREGA have reserved for the poor people. There is nothing in the budget for the farmers too", Sarkar added.

Manik Sarkar further hit the BJP Govt accusing it for violating Forest Rights Act saying it is planning to take away lands from poor and tribal people. 

"MGNREGA mandays distribution needs a proper law, minimum wage should be fixed through law", demanded Manik Sarkar. 

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