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SFI protests against ‘saffronization’ of Education
TIWN Sep 5, 2018
SFI protests against ‘saffronization’ of Education
PHOTO : SFI's 'Jatha' rally at Agartala. TIWN Pic Sep 4

AGARTALA, Sep 5 (TIWN): SFI in Tripura has demanded a scientific education system which will not welcome any discrimination.

SFI leader Nilanjan Roy said, “Today education is under threat. It’s hit by saffron-educations. But we have to struggle to abolish privation of education, religious divisional intrigues through Education”.

The rally was a national level protest and the SFI leaders have protested against both the State and Central Govts led by BJP.

The SFI held the protest ahead of a movement which will be conducted at Bengal.

SFI Secretary Nabarun Deb said, the BJP is trying to stop the voice of protest. Deb further said, to reestablish the education system, students will join with SFI surely and this movement will not be in vein.


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