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Biplab's cousin brother cum State Cultural Advisory Committee Vice-Chairman Subhash Deb running Chain Marketing Ponzi Business in the name of ‘Viswa Banga Sahitya & Sanskriti Sanmelan’ ; Across Tripura, agents squeezing money from Innocent Artists
TIWN Sep 5, 2018 Exclusive Coverage
Biplab's cousin brother cum State Cultural Advisory Committee Vice-Chairman Subhash Deb running Chain Marketing Ponzi Business in the name of ‘Viswa Banga Sahitya & Sanskriti Sanmelan’ ; Across Tripura, agents squeezing money from Innocent Artists
PHOTO : TIWN File Photo : CM Biplab Deb with his Bangladeshi cousin brother Subhas Deb.

AGARTALA, Sep 5 (TIWN Exclusive): Chief Minister Biplab Deb's cousin brother cum State Cultural Advisory Committee's Vice-Chairman Subhash Deb, an illegal Bangladeshi who crossed into Tripura in January 1992, obtained Indian Citizenship via fraudster brokers, has started a chain marketing business in Tripura like Rose Valley, I-Core Chit Funds etc, but with a different name – ‘Viswa Banga Sahitya & Sanskriti Sanmelan’. Befooling the artists of Tripura , mainly those budding and young living outside Agartala , Subhash Deb is practically squeezing out money promising to give Life Time Membership . Actually Viswa Banga Sahitya and Sanskriti Sanmelan is a yearly programme organized by the Bengali artists across the globe mainly from Bangladesh, India and primarily funded by the NRIs. Its main base is in Bangladesh and Kolkata.

During the last few years Tripura chapter was run by the Comrade Artist of Agartala Amit Bhowmik. But after 3rd March this year 2018, Subhash Deb, a Bangadeshi, who got Indian citizenship illegally by means of brokers, revived his connection with two of the key persons of Viswa Banga Sahitya O Sanskriti Sanmelan-one from Bangladesh and one from Kolkata.

It is learnt that this years's Sanmelan is scheduled to be held in Maniktala, Kolkata.  Chief Minister Biplab Deb couldn't find any other capable person for State Cultural Advisory Committee Vice-Chairman Post other than illegal Bangaldeshi cousin brother Subhash Deb.

Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s cousin brother Subhash Deb deserted his first wife in Bangladesh along with his son. Later he married another woman and now they are staying at Rajarbag, Udaipur. 

A known comrade for years Subhash Deb is related to CM Biplab Kumar Deb .Just before election he formed a committee in the name of Pradesh BJP Cultural Cell , making himself as the Prabhari(In-Charge) .Till election his contribution for BJP was simply zero as Subhash Deb does not have any social influential . But after BJP's win having the blessings of Chief Minister Biplab Deb(Subhash is Biplab's cousin) he assumed the position of Vice-Chairman of the Cultural Advisory of the Govt of Tripura as Drama artist of Udaipur . But the fact is that people of Udaipur have not seen him even on a single occasion to perform or produce or direct any drama. 

TIWN has got information from reliable sources that by using the name of Sanmelan Subhash Deb is amassing personal wealth by recruiting some agents to pressurize the budding artists with the promise that he will provide them with international exposure. 

TIWN Team found out that in 1992 Subhash Deb came from Bangladesh after deserting his first wife and somehow managed job in Ramesh School as Biology teacher but after protests from the entire teaching community he was forced to leave the job from Udaipur Ramesh School

Subhas Deb's Chain marketing money collection ‘Viswa Banga Sahitya & Sanskriti Sanmelan’ form obtained by TIWN team

Subhash has always been infamous for collecting money from different people with different organzational names like Vivekananda Cultural Society with the help of the then CPI-M Minister Naresh Jamatia's PG , Sarab Manni Gupta(his nick name) , and now with the name of Viswa Banga Sahitya O Sanskriti Sanmelan. 

A top level artist in Tripura told TIWN,"Subhash has only indentity- Chief Minister's cousin brother . Else, he is nowhere fit to come to the high profile cultural committee and that too as the Vice-Chairman" . 

Another person is Swapna Dasgupta, who is included in the high profile committee as an expert in Recitation. But TIWN has the information that Swapna Dasguta has not even a single day's exerience in recitation. A top level BJP leader in Tripura Pradesh Committee said," Swapna Dasgupta's role during the last ten years has been to ridicule Narendra Modi and other anti-Left leaders under the banner of CPI-M's employees' wing HB Road in Juddha Birodhi Divas, Samrajyabaad Birodhi Divas. "

However, CM Biplab, who is also in charge of Ministry of Cultural Affairs, is mysteriousy silent against these corrupt persons. And taking full advantage of his silence Subhash Deb & Co is squeezing money from innocent and new artists from Bishalgarh, Ambasa,Khowai,Dharmanagar, Udaipur,Belonia,Amarpur, Sabroom,Sonamura,Melaghar and Gandacherra. 

The vital question is,"Why is CM Biplab Deb not taking any action against his corrupt relatives and friends. ?" 

TIWN is in possesion of Subhas Deb's Bangladeshi identity documents, also location of his deserted wife & son.

TIWN : CM Biplab Deb appointed cousin brother, Bangladeshi Subhas Deb as Vice Chairman via Govt Order

Govt of Tripura, Central Govt Ministry of Home Affairs must order probe how Subhas Deb got Indian Citizenship illegally ? Subhas Deb's Indian Citizenship itself is illegal as it is obtained after 1992 by corrupt broker gangs operating out of Udaipur (former South Tripura) DM's office complex.

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