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‘GPF withdrawals temporarily suspended in Tripura’
TIWN Sep 2, 2018
‘GPF withdrawals temporarily suspended in Tripura’
PHOTO : TIWN File Photo : Public standing in rows before State Bank, Agartala.

AGARTALA, Sep 3 (TIWN): With a shocking revelation, Tripura Congress has alleged that GPF withdrawal has been stopped for a temporary time in the state, however, Congress had asked State Govt to clarify the matter whether it’s true or not.

General Provident Fund account is a provident fund account which is available for government employees. A government employee can become a member of the fund by contributing a certain percentage of their salary to the account.

After each 6 months, the State Govt employees can withdraw the saving but due to certain unknown reason GPF are not being cleared, alleged the party on Monday.

Addressing media, Congress spokesperson Harekrishna Bhowmik said, “Talks are on air that Govt ordered to hold due payments to the employees and also not to give the pending bills of the contractors and at the same time GPF withdrawals are also temporarily suspended”.

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