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Journey from a Rigging Master to School Education Cashier; 'Comrade' Arnab has always been blessed by Party, Ministers and one MLA
Journey from a Rigging Master to School Education Cashier; 'Comrade' Arnab has always been blessed by Party, Ministers and one MLA

AGARTALA,September 17 (TIWN): Even from the very beginning of Arnab Chakraborty's Rs 5 crore RMSA scam questions started to raise about the suspension order against Dy Director Ambalika Datta, who was accused of not following due diligence before giving instruction for procuring books from RMSA funds and also for not attending the audit team . But according to a police official during the preliminary investigation Arnab Chakraborty confessed that he drew money from different bank accounts by forging the signatures of Director, Joint Director, 2 Addl Directors and one Dy Director. A top level police official told TIWN on Tuesday night," Today a special interrogation was done with Arnab in presence on high level officials like Inspector General (Law & Order) Anurag Dhyankar. At present we can't say anything specific as the interrogation is in its early stage. However, we are hopeful that within few days we can bring out the truth.".

More interestingly procurement order of CM and CS books was issued by D K Debbarma. Thus, it is not clear in which condition Ambalika Datta can be held responsible. A top level official told TIWN over phone," Amabalika Datta went to Kota with leave permission and she is not also involved with the procurement order of books. As Arnab himself has confessed that he forged thexaignatures of Ambalika Datta, it means that the suspended Dy Director is neither responsible with any monetorial scam nor she has instructed any one to procurement order as she is a subordinate officer to Addl Director D K Debbarma. "

     A top level Police official also said that police is looking in the root of the scam. Meanwhile in the School Education department an atmosphere of suspense prevails as none considers him or her safe as Arnab may take anybody's name. A top level official categorically demands that ," Videography of Arnab's interrogation is must at this stage as many influential are involved in this case and even if the Arnab names these high profiles, it is doubtful whether police will be allowed to mention these 'special names' in the case diary."

 Now as Arnab is arrested , his neighbours in Resham Began area are simply stunned to know about the lifestyle that Arnab used to lead recently. Appointed as clerk in 'Die-in-harness case' after his father's death Arnab has always been known as a 'Rigging Master' of ruling party before joining the govt job. Many times Arnab was seen capturing the polling booths in the Resham Began H S School as a ruling party cadre. Obviously Arnab came to the good book of one MLA, and from there on he gradually came to the good book of Melarmath big bosses. So much close he was to ruling party leaders that soon after joining School Education Department as ordinary clerk, he became the Cashier and gradually his intimacy grew with two ministers of the current cabinet. Even he used a fake Madhyamik Pass Certificate to get the Govt Job. But an employee in the Education Department told TIWN," Even when Arnab joined this department, many were doubtful about his qualification. But as he is closely linked with two heavyweight ministers and some of the big bosses of Melarmath, none even dare to ask for verification from TBSE." Gradually Arnab became 'a man larger  than real life' and practically he was supported by some 'bigshots' of the state govt. And quite interestingly, even a large section of employees now begin to believe that only CBI enquiry can unearth the truth. But the employees believe that so-called 'transparent' State Govt,who was very keen to order CBI probe in the Saradha scam, is mysteriously silent in this scam that may cross even Rs 10 crore. As of now entire plan of the govt is to shift the attention of the people and media from 'CM & CS Books' scam towards Arnab issue. A highly placed sources in  Melarmath said," After the nationwide publication of the news on books episode, the honest image of the most influential man of the govt has suffered a serious blow and all party members are asked 'not to utter any word on the procurement order of books from the annual grant of RMSA . That's why even state secretary is avoiding media questions on this sensitive issue."

      What surprised every one is that School Education Minister too has not yet come to the media and told the people in public about State Govt stand on this case. Even within the CPIM party there are some that demanding a thorough investigation on Arnab's case - from his appointment to his sudden stature of a multi-crore scam star, adds a Melarmath sources. The sources also pointed out on Tuesday ," Arnab should not have kept the money in his bank accounts kept in Agartala. Is there any one who is supposed to get the share of this money? Or someone has instructed to keep the money in his accounts? Moreover, if such huge funds are lying in bank accounts, you cannot out blame on him."

       The questions that remains unanswered are :-

1) Who are the Ministers and MLA with whom Arnab is alleged to be closely linked?

2) Why the Accounts Officer Debasish Dam remained silent during this time? It is now clear that Arnab has not done this scam on a single day.

3) Why did the Director P K Chakraborty not take any action against Arnab though D K Debbarma and Joint Director Manabendra Chakraborty issued Show Cause Letter and asked to initiate Departmental Procedures(DP) against Arnab on 21/07/2014 and 5/8/2014? Was Director under pressure or instructed not to initiate DP?



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