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Minister visits gas-cylinder blast victim’s house, orders ‘compensation’
TIWN June 24, 2018
Minister visits gas-cylinder blast victim’s house, orders ‘compensation’
PHOTO : Pranjit Singha Roy meets family members of gas-cylinder blast incident victim. TIWN Pic June 24

AGARTALA / UDAIPUR, June 24 (TIWN): Miniser Pranajit Singha Roy has visited gas cylinder blast incident victim family’s house at Udaipur Madyapara, inspected the situation.

After spot visiting, the Minister announced ‘heavy losses’ to the family of Kartik Datta, who is a Grade-C category employee under state govt.

Almost everything of the house were burnt in the incident which is impossible to bear for the family.

In front of media, Pranajit Singha Roy called various officials to make arrangement for the compensation within today.

At the same time, Roy has ordered probe in the blast-incident as it could be more deadly and kill the family.

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