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Chandrapur shoot out case may unfold govt officials nexus with ganja smugglers
TIWN June 23, 2018
Chandrapur shoot out case may unfold govt officials nexus with ganja smugglers
PHOTO : TIWN File Photo : Arrested accused in Chandrapur shoot out incident.

AGARTALA, June 23 (TIWN): Chandrapur shoot out case has been spotted with a nexus between govt officials and ganja businessmen.

Police in yesterday night recovered 100 kilo of ganja from deep jungles of Baramura area led by East PS OC Debashish Saha. The ganja has been kept in Jirania PS after recovery.

It has been known that the whole incident of Chandrapur shooting which led one Debabrata Dasgupta injured seriously, was centered with ganja smuggling racket, where police and govt officials can be involved.

Till now total 7 persons have been arrested in this ganja racket.

However, whether Debabrata himself was involved in the crime or not, it has not been known even though police's beginning source of information was Debabrata himself.

Police's arrest rows started within 24 hours of the incident which had taken place on June 17, when few miscreants had shot Debabrata Dasgupta at Chandrapur in broad day light. The incident took place on June 17 when Debabrata Dasgupta was gunshot and left seriously injured.

On June 21 night, police had arrested Guddu Kumar(26) of Bihar, Nitish Kumar (26), Sonu Kumar (23) of Bihar state in connection with the crime. Earlier police arrested Ramu Ghosh (41) and Birju Ray (41) in this connection.

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