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Tripura Medical College ‘Fees-JUMLA’ : BJP exposed CPI-M before Election, CPI-M Exposing BJP’s hand after Election
TIWN June 23, 2018
Tripura Medical College ‘Fees-JUMLA’ : BJP exposed CPI-M before Election, CPI-M Exposing BJP’s hand after Election

AGARTALA, June 23 (TIWN): Since CPI-M to BJP era Tripura Medical College has been under political focus centering the ‘high fees’ of the College, but strange matter is whereas before the Election, BJP made Medical College's high fee an big issue asking the State Govt whether TMC is a govt or private college, now after getting power mimicking CPI-M, BJP has become silent without properly clarifying either it’s a Govt college or a private. CPI-M Govt had sent MCI letter for affiliation saying it’s a govt College but in case of fee hikes CPI-M continued to say that it’s a private College as the fees were 5.5 lakh. BJP State Observer ahead of Election Sunil Deodhar demanded all money-back which were taken from students telling them it’s not a private college. But after BJP came in power, the govt formed a new society to run the college in private hands which had shocked even the BJP supporters. BJP spokespersons like Ashok Sinha who exposed TMC and CPI-M’s joint corruption on that time since BJP in power hasn’t made a single statement.

Most interestingly under BJP Govt the society’s chairman is none other than Atul Debbarma who is a BJP MLA.

Not only this, the private college is functioning totally as a govt college from patient treatment to all but when comes about fees it becomes private. BJP Govt has also demanded central funds for TMC’s development.

The issue was raised by CPI-M Ex-Health Minister Badal Choudhury in the Assembly on Friday saying, “At a jump the fees of Tripura Medical College has been increased with 16 lakh course fee. Does it mean that this profession will be only for rich people ? In CPI-M Govt’s time the MBBS admission free was Rs. 5.5 lakh, whereas to complete the whole course it took around 22 lakhs rupees. Now suddenly the fee has been hiked at 9.5 lakhs rupees which will take Rs. 38 lakhs total to complete the whole course. Within 3 months of the BJP-IPFT Govt’s formation such a bigger shock was unexpected”.

In reply to Badal Choudhury's allegation, Health Minister Sudip Barman said, “TMC is totally controlled by society and it has no link with Govt. The College authority also needs money for expenditure and that’s why the fee was increased”.

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