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BJP Govt's Budget 2018-19 skipped MGNREGA wages at Rs. 340, Social Pension at Rs. 2000 per person : Opposition CPI-M
TIWN June 22, 2018
BJP Govt's Budget 2018-19 skipped MGNREGA wages at Rs. 340, Social Pension at Rs. 2000 per person : Opposition CPI-M
PHOTO : CPI-M protested against BJP Govt's budget 2018-19. TIWN Pic June 22

AGARATLA, June 22 (TIWN): Opposition CPI-M has charged the ruling BJP for fooling public after the Govt placed a zero-deficit budget at Rs. 16,387 crores, with a hike of 14 % than the last financial year. Addressing in a gathering at Paradise Chowumuhani,CPI-M leader Ex-Deputy Speaker Pabitra Kar said, “The budget neither talked about MGNREGA wages hike nor social pension hike. Before the election, BJP promised to hike MGNREGA wage at minimum Rs. 340 and social pension at Rs. 2000 but the budget doesn’t speak about any of them”. “The fund which has been kept for social pensions will not be enough for Rs. 700 per person and how they will fulfill demand of Rs. 2000 per head?”, another CPI-M leader MP Shankar Prasad Datta said.CPI-M has demanded immediate rejection of tax on fuel price alleging it will raise each commodity’s price.

On Friday afternoon a rally led by leader Pabitra Kar, Ex-Minister Manik Dey, MP Jharna Das Baidya, MP Shankar Prasad Datta started from Melarmath and via Kaman Chowmuhani the CPI-M activists and leaders have gathered at Paradise Chowumhani, delivered lectures.

BJP has kept a budget of Rs. 300 crores for social pensions, whereas CPI-M Ex-Finance Minister Badal Chouhdury said it will need Rs. 3000 crores if BJP wants to give Rs. 2000 per person as allowance.

“With their limited budget it’s also clear that BJP Govt is going to take a cruel decision by cutting all CPI-M voters from their list ? Before the election, why they didn’t say that beneficiaries list will be scanned ?”, said Choudhury.

“There was nothing in BJP Govt’s budget which can fulfill their Vision Document in next 1 year”, he added

A total 300 crore has been sanctioned for social pensioners’ budget scheme in Tripura.

Finance Minister Jishnu Debbarma has announced this in the first day of State Assembly budget session.

However, whether the allowances will be hiked or not, it’s not yet cleared, even though before the Election BJP promised to give at least Rs. 2000 social pension to the beneficiaries.

However, whole list of the beneficiaries will be scanned as there are chances for having huge numbers of fake beneficiaries followed by CPI-M’s 25 years of ruling.

Total 33 social pensions are being given in Tripura  since the CPI-M Govt’s time.

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