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‘16 lakhs fee hike in Tripura Medical college’, CM Biplab’s odd reply, ‘We are 37 lakh people’s Govt’
TIWN June 22, 2018
‘16 lakhs fee hike in Tripura Medical college’, CM Biplab’s odd reply, ‘We are 37 lakh people’s Govt’
PHOTO : Tripura CM Biplab Deb addressing in the Assembly. TIWN Pic June 22

AGARTALA, June 22 (TIWN): When state’s students are facing massive fee hikes from Tripura Central University to Tripura Medical College (TMC), Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb has claimed that BJP is the Govt of 37 lakhs people, further advising Tripura’s Ex-Health Minister Badal Choudhury not to raise voice and stop fighting.

“The era of struggle and protests have been ended. This is Modi led Govt which is people’s Govt. All will happen gradually in correct direction. Stop fighting, shouting and help the Govt”, CM told Badal Choudhury.

However, CM’s reply found bogus and unrelated to the issue far from solution.

Later, Sudip Barman answered Badal Chouhdury that as TMC is society-run institution which was handed over by the CPI-M Govt and thus Govt can't control the fees at there. 

 CPI-M Ex-Health Minister Badal Choudhury in the Assembly said, “At a moment the fees of Tripura Medical College has been increased with 16 lakh course fee. In CPI-M Govt’s time the MBBS admission free was Rs. 5.5 lakh, whereas to complete the whole course it took around 22 lakhs rupees. Now suddenly the fee has been hiked at 9.5 lakhs rupees which will take Rs. 38 lakhs total to complete the whole course”.

Health Minister Sudip Barman said, “TMC is totally controlled by society and it has no link with Govt. The College authority also needs money for expenditure and that’s why the fee was increased”.

Chief Minister Biplab Deb continued in reply saying, the era of screaming and protests have gone. Now everything will be given proper shape and all problems will be solved.

Fee hikes in various institutions have irked resentment as in Tripura Central University also around Rs. 10,000 of fee hikes were done recently led SFI to ABVP all to come in protest but the whole issue left without solution.

In a poor state like Tripura, Central University’s fee hike are upsetting a major section of students. 

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