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Ampi Power Sub-Station turns a major risk for Area residents
TIWN June 22, 2018 Ishan Biswas
Ampi Power Sub-Station turns a major risk for Area residents
PHOTO : Ampi Power Substation. TIWN Pic by Ishan Biswas

Agartala, June 22 (TIWN): 66 KVA Power Station at Ampi Nagar, Gomati Dist turned a dangerous pit for area residents as semi-functional Power Station gets flooded by rain water.

66 KV power house of Ampi nagar, Gumati Tripura is totally failed to create a perfect and safe power service among the people in the block area at Ampi nagar.

Allegations from different angles have been raised over this power station. The location of this power station is not suitable for this project, said local people.

Due to low land location this power house always affects by rain water body. During heavy raining period rain water stands widely in the floor of this power house and the staff of the office run away to a upper place to save themselves. The transformer, feeders and other machinery equipments go under the flood water.

According to office staff there is no proper way to pass rain water from this place and when it is heavy raining all the staff stay in terrifying mood. Recently twice this 66 KV power house has been affected by flood and if water enters into the sub-station around 10 days there is no power service in total Ampi area.

The concerned power authority then bring engineers from other place and open all sub-station equipments to repair and clean again. In this way it takes many days. As a result common people have to stay without electricity for a long period. In facts all faces great problem including all govt. offices. When power is stopped villagers generate pressure on power house staff and misbehave with them, said the concerned office staff.

One of the office staff said that if there is heavy rain any time may occur any kind of accident in the office where office staff may die by electrocution.To avoid accident transformer, feeders and other machinery equipments should place at least 6 feet up from the present ground level, said locals. The people of Ampi nagar demanded a quick solution of this problem to provide regular power service and manage safety for the office staff. 

TSECL Managaement must enquire and fix the water logging problems to save Ampi Nagar from possible Transformer blast and restore confidence among local population,

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