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Party Offices Bulldozing drive continues in BJP ruled Tripura : CPI-M, Congress fuming
TIWN May 16, 2018
Party Offices Bulldozing drive continues in BJP ruled Tripura : CPI-M, Congress fuming
PHOTO : Party offices bulldozing drive at Kamalpur. TIWN Pic May 16

AGARTALA, May 16 (TIWN): Amid threats of legal actions against by the oppositions, the BJP backed Tripura Government led bulldozing drive against the party offices made on govt land remained unstoppable. Today also total 5 party offices of CPI-M have been bulldozed at Kamalpur, whereas similar drives are being continued in other places it. CPI-M has called the move as ‘Destruction-era’, whereas Congress will observe an ‘Akrosh Rally’ on tomorrow. Both CPI-M and Congress have termed the State Govt as ‘Dictator’ ‘Undemocratic’ for bulldozing 40 to 70 years old party offices. On the other side, CPI-M backed Municipal Corporations officials condemned the party office demolition as the whole demolition process is going on without Corporations' knowledge.

Congress President Birjit Sinha said, “Congress will conduct a meeting on tomorrow followed by a rally named ‘Akrosh-rally’. We are also going to take legal action against the Govt of Tripura over the illegal bulldozing”, whereas the BJP said, how illegal party offices demolition can be an issue for any party ?

However, the bulldozing drive of the BJP Govt against CPI-M and Congress party offices have been continued amid the oppositions cries and screamings.

Whereas Congress and CPI-M, Congress are alleging the BJP Govt is doing undemocratic activities, BJP raised question, how can a party demand illegally occupied govt lands to remain in their hands ?

Recently BJP leader Pratima Bhowmik said, “Whatever, the Govt is doing it is 100 % correct. We congratulate the govt for that”.

“At the same time we also condemn those, who have engaged in criticism against the govt”, Bhowmik said.

In argument, Congress leader Gopal Roy said, "Hundreds of houses,shops are built over the govt lands, which are not being evicted. It clearly indicates that intentionally the Congress Bhawans have been targeted".

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