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'Take our pineapples at Rs. 200 and present them in TAJ hotels at Rs. 2000' : Tripura CM offers TATA
TIWN April 16, 2018
'Take our pineapples at Rs. 200 and present them in TAJ hotels at Rs. 2000' : Tripura CM offers TATA
PHOTO : Tripura CM addressing at Pragna Bhawan. TIWN Pic April 16

AGARTALA, April 16 (TIWN): Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb today while addressing at Pragna Bhawan on the occasion of 'Graduation ceremony of Enthusiastic Youths of Various Skilling Sectors' organised by Tata Trust, offered the TATA Company representatives to buy Tripura's pineapples and to present them at Taj-hotels with high price-tags. "Tripura Govt likes to offer TATA company, please buy our pineapples at Rs. 200/- and sell them at Rs. 2000 at Taj-hotel as this is the best pineapple of the world". "Soon Rajdhani Express will run on daily basis from Tripura to Delhi and we are planning for it. So, taking the opportunity take our pineapples and present them in the Taj. The pineapples which I sell at Rs. 20 locally in Tripura, will give them to you at Rs. 200 and you sell them at Taj at Rs. 2000", CM said. "You have 5 star chains where MPs, Ministers, Foreign businessmen come and they don't mind to spend at all as they have a big fixed amount for expenditure. They don't mind the 2000 rupees of price, and I can guarantee that such pineapples will not be available across the globe", the Chief Minister mentioned.

"Two things will come out of that. One is the person who has no problem to spend Rs. 2000/ per a juice will take a fresh item and in return Tripura and TATA will be doing business. In this way business and relation all will be fine", Biplab deb added.

"A CEO has a protocol that s/he has to spend that much of amount and in any way that money will go. If a foreign delegate comes, Govt of India decides an amount which will be spent in anyway. So, what harms if Ratan Tata ji takes our pineapples ?", CM offers TATA Trust. 

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