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Rose Valley investors in panic over getting back their amount
Rose Valley investors in panic over getting back their amount
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AGARTALA, September 1 (TIWN): With the chit fund bubble bursting and public ire against the chit fund companies increasing throughout the state, the depositors are appealing to the agents to get back their invested amount.

Rose Valley had a flourishing business at sub divisions along with the state. The chit fund company collected crores by duping people with the false promise of providing hefty return within shortest possible time.

Now, people are in dilemma whether they would be able to get back their deposited amount. The investors said that the agents of Rose Valley cannot avoid their liability as they received huge amount as commission from the amount invested by the investors. Investors alleged that agents deposited crores for Rose Valley by tempting the depositors.

On the other hand, the agents collected their complete amount commission very carefully by deceiving the investors. In the meantime, the investments of hundreds of depositors got matured, but none of them got back their maturity. Sources said that no depositor got back their invested amount despite maturity on March 2014.

Now, customers are waiting for the time to get back their amount. The depositors earnestly want that the state government should come forward with positive roles to get them back their deposited amount so that depositors could get rid of cheating. Sources added that there Rose Valley carried out totally illegal business of mobilizing money from the common people particularly the poorer strata and lower-middle class.  

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