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Man dies in acid attack : Decease's son accuses Grandfather
TIWN March 14, 2018
Man dies in acid attack : Decease's son accuses Grandfather
PHOTO : Victim family in front of Udaipur Court. TIWN Pic March 14

UDAIPUR, March 14 (TIWN): One 38 years man has died in acid attack at his own residence in Udaipur.

The deceased Arjun Debnath was residing with his wife and two children separately since few years.

On March 2nd, a verbal clash had developed among the two families and during the incident Arjun was injured in acid attack.

On March 9, Arjun Debnath died at Gomati Dist Hospital. After that, his wife Pratima Debnath filed a case against her father in law Anil Debnath and mother in law Manju Debnath.

Deceased brother Laxman Debnath and Yamuna Debnath were allegedly involved in that murder, alleged Pratima  Debnath. Infact Pratima alleged that Yamuna Debnath had given the acid in her father in law's hand which he threw at his son Arjun Debnath. 

Today during 164, Arjun Debnath and Pratima Debnath's yonger son (minor) also detailed the same.

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