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BJP kicks off Poll-Campaign with 7th Pay Commission's promise : 'Rs.7000's salary to be hiked into Rs.17000', says Deodhar
TIWN Jan 29, 2018
BJP kicks off Poll-Campaign with 7th Pay Commission's promise : 'Rs.7000's salary to be hiked into Rs.17000', says Deodhar
PHOTO : Sunil Deodhar, Biplab Deb campaigning in Tripura. TIWN Pic Jan 29,2018

AGARTALA, Jan 29 (TIWN): BJP State Observer Sunil Deodhar has begun poll campaign reminding the State about the long deprivations led by 25 years of CPI-M regime in every sector. Picking up 7th Pay Commission's promise by BJP National President Amit Shah, Deodhar said, "After Amit Shah promised Tripura that in the first cabinet BJP Govt will implement 7th Pay Commission, the Govt employees' mood suddenly changed as the employees who are getting 7000 rupees salaries, they will get 17000 per month once the 7th pay commission is implemented. After that the CPI-M Govt suddenly hiked a quantity of the salaries of govt employees". Pinching at the Give-Half, Keep-Half policy of the CPI-M Deodhar added, "A certain amount of salary hike with BJP's fear means, BJP said we will give the employees almond-laddu and Manik Sarkar from pocket gave only few almonds". BJP's 7th Pay commission promise jittered CPI-M's cash starved party machinery.

"As soon as the salary was hiked, CPI-M goons attacked the employee and forcefully took the money as party fund", added Deodhar.

"BJP exposed the issue how the CPI-Ms are looting employees fund. When Bijan Dhar was asked, he said they gave it by their own wish. I am urging all the employees to keep the receipts preserved in your home for another month. Your money will be returned", added Deodhar.

However, BJP's promise of returning employees fund has not uttered for the first time but earlier, Himanta Biswa Sarma also promised the same. In the last press conference the Assam Minister said, "CPI-M will be forced to return all moneys to Govt employees which Communist Party robbed forcefully from Govt employees"

"CPI-M will have to return all the amounts collected from the govt employees", said Sarma expressing a feeling that BJP will surely win the election. After 25 years of CPI-M regime, Manik Sarkar instead of saying how many roads he constructed, how much of crimes were reduced, he only talks about the age-old talks which he used to utter even before 25 years. Blaming BJP only with IPFT issue is nothing but the expression of Sarkar's nervousness", added Sarma.

Earlier, Amit Shah during his Tripura visit said, "This is really a matter of shame for Tripura Govt who has failed to implement 7th pay commission, when all other states have already been implemented it. If all the state are providing 7th pay commission, why Tripura Govt can not implement it ? This 7th pay commission has been accepted in the whole country". 

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