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BJP’s Brahmin card versus RJD’s MY equation in Darbhanga
BJP’s Brahmin card versus RJD’s MY equation in Darbhanga

Patna, May 11 : Like in the majority of Lok Sabha constituencies in Bihar, the battle for Darbhanga is turning out to be between the NDA and the Grand Alliance.

It will be interesting to see if the Brahmin card of the BJP will get the upper hand or the Muslim-Yadav equation of the RJD will succeed.

The NDA has renominated its sitting BJP MP Gopal Jee Thakur, while the RJD's Lalit Kumar Yadav is representing the Grand Alliance.

For the Grand Alliance, the addition of Mukesh Sahani is crucial here due to his influence on the voters of the fisher community and it may favour the RJD candidate.

The total number of voters in Darbhanga is 17,74,656 out of which the number of male voters is 9,33,122 and there are 8,41,499 female voters.

Apart from this, there are 35 third-gender voters in this constituency.

Talking about the caste equation, the Brahmins are in a dominant position with a population of over 4.70 lakh. They are known as aggressive voters in the region.

At around 3.6 lakh, the population of the Muslims is also significant here, followed by around 2.25 lakh Nishad-Sahani (fishermen community).

Apart from this, the number of SC/ST voters is around 2.7 lakh and Yadav voters are around 1,80,000.

Maithili Brahmins have always dominated politics in Darbhanga, as a result, 9 candidates from the community have won the Lok Sabha elections here.

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