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Today's hat-trick guarantees hat-trick at Centre in 2024: PM Modi
Today's hat-trick guarantees hat-trick at Centre in 2024: PM Modi

New Delhi, Dec 3 : Following BJP's resounding victories in the Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on that "today's hat-trick guarantees a hat-trick at the Centre in 2024".

"The results show popular support for our battle against corruption," he told a crowd of cheering supporters at the BJP headquarters here, adding that they have served a lesson to the Congress and the opposition's INDIA bloc that mere collecting some dynasts on dais may make for a good photograph and headlines but cannot win people's confidence.

Voters have delivered a warning to these parties involved in corruption to mend their ways or people will finish them off, he said, attacking rivals for their campaign against federal investigating agencies for allegedly targeting opposition leaders.

"I have an advice to the Congress and its allies that they should not practice politics which is against national interests, and works to divide and weakens the country," he said, adding that negative forces working against India will now work hard to come together and look for opportunity and asked party workers to be wary of them.

No one should come in between the Centre's development and people, or the masses will remove them, Modi said in a stinging attack on opposition parties.  Some people are already saying our hat-trick in the states is a guarantee of hat-trick in the Lok Sabha polls in 2024, he said.  Addressing a big gathering of BJP members, including many Union ministers, Modi said these results will ensure the world's belief in India and infuse more confidence into global investors for the country at a time of rapid development.  It shows that people are increasingly supporting our agenda for a developed India, he said.  The world is watching that people are voting for a stable government which enjoys a strong majority, he said.  People can distinguish between selfish politics and the politics of national interest, Modi said, asserting that they have realised that a strong BJP leads to the development of the country and every family.  "Today's mandate has proved that people have zero tolerance for corruption, appeasement and parivaarvad. Today the country feels that only BJP is effective in ending these three evils. The move against corruption that the BJP govt at the centre has started is getting massive public support. This is a clear warning to those parties and leaders who are not ashamed of standing by corrupts," Modi said. 

"Such people who provide shield to the corrupt and try to cover up their misdeeds, such people who are round the clock engaged in defaming probe agencies which are targeting the corrupt, they should understand that poll results are an indication of public support to fight against corruption," he said. 

He reiterated that women, youth, the poor and farmers are the four biggest castes and their empowerment will lead to the country's empowerment.  Noting that most members of Other Backward Classes and Scheduled Tribes belong to these categories, he said they have endorsed policies and roadmap presented by the BJP.  Every farmer, young voter and the poor and deprived are saying that they have won, Modi said, adding that the youth looking for a better future and every citizen wanting a developed India by 2047 is feeling successful following the poll results. He especially cited women voters' support to the party and said their shield ensure that no one can harm it.  "I want to tell you with full honesty that your dream is my resolve," he said, noting how the country's infrastructure is transforming while its economy remains the fastest growing in the world. 

With Modi being front and centre of the BJP's campaign during the polls, the dais and slogans highlighted his appeal. "Sapne nahi haqeeqat bunte hain, tabhi to sab Modi ko chinte hain," a huge poster on the dais read.


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