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Rajasthan: Demands not heard by CM
Rajasthan: Demands not heard by CM

Jaipur, Sep 12 : Bharat Singh Kundanpur, the Congress MLA from Sangod, has shaved his head and offered his hair to Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot as a mark of protest, claiming that his demands have not been heard by the CM.

In a letter written to Gehlot, Bharat Singh said, "You openly supported Bhaya's (state minister Pramod Bhaya) corruption.Khan Ki Jhopriya village was not included in Kota district. This does not suit Gandhian Ashok Gehlot. Your honour is dead. I am getting my head shaven and offering my hair to you. Please accept this humble gift. Remember Mahatma Gandhi and reflect on the seven sins mentioned by him. This post of Chief Minister is not permanent."  Singh added, "I am shaving my head as a symbolic protest. Some issues were put before the Chief Minister for a very long time. Our Chief Minister is a known Gandhian. He has done excellent work as Chief Minister. Many times I drew his attention to important issues and his compulsion was that he gave protection to some corrupt people by not paying attention to those issues.

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