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BJP doesn't understand DNA of northeast: Sushmita Dev
BJP doesn't understand DNA of northeast: Sushmita Dev

Guwahati, May 17 : In the wake of large-scale violence in Manipur, Trinamool Congress leader Sushmita Dev has alleged that the BJP does not understand the DNA of the northeast.

Speaking to IANS on Wednesday, she said: “The northeast is a very sensitive zone where a proper balance among different ethnic groups must be properly maintained. The BJP governments have failed to do so, whether in Manipur or in Assam.” 

In Assam, a faultline exists between the Assamese and Bengali people on the issue of the National Registrar of Citizens (NRC) and the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), according to the Rajya Sabha MP. 

“The BJP could not address many issues, like keeping neither the Assamese nor the Bengali communities happy on NRC and CAA issues. The same thing has happened in Manipur also,” Dev said.  “Even the Scheduled Tribes people in Assam and other northeastern states are unhappy with the BJP’s way of governance.”  According to Dev, the ethnic tussle that erupted in Manipur will take a long time to settle down.

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