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On Rahul's disqualification, Cong says Indian democracy 'Om Shanti'
On Rahul's disqualification, Cong says Indian democracy 'Om Shanti'

New Delhi, March 24 : After Rahul Gandhi was disqualified from the Lok Sabha a day after his conviction in Surat court, the Congress on Friday said that it will fight the battle legally and politically.

'Insulting the whole family and the Kashmiri Pandit community, you asked why they don't keep the name Nehru in the full Parliament. But no judge gave you a sentence of two years. Did not disqualify you from the Parliament….Rahul ji like a true patriot questioned Adani's loot…' 

'Rahul raised questions on Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi…. Has your friend Gautam Adani become bigger than the country's parliament and the great people of India that you were shocked when his loot was questioned? You call my family familyist, know, this family watered India's democracy with their blood…'  ‘...which you are trying to destroy. This family raised the voice of the people of India and fought for the truth from generations. The blood that runs in our veins has one specialty… Never bowed down before a coward, power-hungry dictator like you and will never bow down. Do whatever you want.’

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