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No Covid clusters in Kerala, says Health Minister
No Covid clusters in Kerala, says Health Minister

Thiruvananthapuram, March 23 : Kerala Health Minister Veena George said on Thursday that while utmost caution has to be exercised in the wake of rising Covid cases in the state, the saving grace is there aren't any Covid clusters in Kerala at present.

Between March 1 and 7, Kerala reported 445 new Covid cases; it jumped further to 601 in the subsequent week from March 8 to 14. From March 15 to 21, it jumped to 979 cases. Since March 14, the state has been reporting 100 new Covid cases daily.
The state reported the maximum of 172 new cases this year so far on March 21. However, even for the vulnerable the symptoms remain minor with the most patients not needing hospitalization.
Meanwhile, the state government has sounded an alert in all districts on Wednesday.

Health minister Veena George said that there is "slight increase in Covid cases" and people with comorbidities, children, elderly and pregnant women should wear masks, especially when visiting hospitals.
Thiruvananthapuram and Ernakulam districts have recorded more Covid cases and the total number of active cases now is 1,026. There are about 111 people who are under treatment in hospitals for Covid.
The health minister has directed all districts to strengthen surveillance. This was after a high-level meeting to assess the Covid situation in the state. An official statement issued after the meeting said that there are no Covid clusters in the state as of now, but district hospitals have been asked to prepare surge plans. Kerala Medical Services Corporation Ltd (KMSCL) has been instructed to prepare necessary test kits and medicines.
"The cases are increasing but the situation is not alarming as the majority of affected have minor symptoms. Even the vulnerable recover fast with medication and don't need hospitalization now," said Kerala Government Medical Officers' Association (KGMOA) president Dr T N Suresh.
"Hospitalization has increased and some of them have pneumonia. But in most cases, it doesn't turn severe," said Dr M I Sahadulla, chairman and managing director, KIMS Healthcare Group and president, Association of Healthcare Providers India (Kerala chapter).

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