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Rahul writes to Twitter questioning drop in followers count
 Rahul writes to Twitter questioning drop in followers count

New Delhi, Jan 27 (TIWN) Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has written to Twitter questioning its policy on suppressing his reach to his followers and not curbing hate speeches in the country.

The letter written on December 27 says, "It is perplexing that growth in my Twitter follower has suddenly been suppressed, with nearly 20 million followers on my Twitter account very active adding 8 to 10 thousand followers daily."  He said in May his account gained 6,40,000 followers but since August it has fallen to zero.  "I have been albeit discreetly informed by people of Twitter India that they are under immense pressure by the government to silence my voice," he wrote.  Rahul said to twitter, "you have enormous responsibility that twitter does not actively help in the growth of authoritarianism in India as the world is watching."  He also mentioned how his account was blocked but Twitter at that time had said that following the complaint by the NCPCR, Gandhi's Twitter account was temporarily suspended and the party, from his official handle, tweeted that due process was being followed for its restoration.  Rahul Gandhi, who joined Twitter in April 2015 and has 19.6 million followers on the social media platform, is expected to stay connected via other social media platforms.

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