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Fake currency found in RBI chest in Lucknow, FIR lodged
Fake currency found in RBI chest in Lucknow, FIR lodged

Lucknow, Jan 3 (TIWN) Fake Indian currency, with a face value of Rs 47,710, has been found in the Reserve Bank of India chest during an audit in Lucknow.

He said the circulation/printing of fake currency was a serious offence and required police action.  He said that the police could send fake currency notes to the currency printing press or forensic lab for investigation.

He also submitted the fake currency notes and its details to the police.  Last year, another bank had lodged an FIR stating that demonetized currency worth Rs 1.5 crore was found in the bank's chest. The currency notes were deposited by various banks in the city between October 2017 and March 2018. 

The seized notes were sent to Nashik to check if they are counterfeit. Over 9,000 notes of Rs 500 denomination and 6,000 notes of Rs 1,000 denomination were found in the chest.

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