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Hira Plus ? Road turned Deplorable despite of repeated complaints to the authority
TIWN June 30, 2021
Hira Plus ? Road turned Deplorable despite of repeated complaints to the authority
PHOTO : Miserable condition of road at Gandachera. TIWN Pic June 30, 2021

AGARTALA, June 30 (TIWN): Road remains in dilapidated condition for a long time, which makes it difficult to move smoothly by passersby, in this monsoon season the road has turned into muddy. Such a pathetic condition of road reported in Ishwarai Para under Gandachhara, Locals resented.

The road in Ishwarai Para under Gandachhara subdivision has become deplorable for a long time. As a result the public are facing difficulties while moving on this road.

The distance from Jagbandhu Para to Aishwarai Para of Dumburnagar block under Gandachhara subdivision is about 7 km but despite repeated information for repairing the road the authority has not taken initiative to repair the road. Meanwhile, the monsoon has started and due to rain the road has become muddy,  Meanwhile, the local people are facing massive trouble while crossing the road. Small and big vehicles while crossing the road have to face the harassment, it was noticed while moving cars, it stuck on the mud.

After several complaints by the locals it is alleged that the administration is not taking initiative despite knowing the deplorable condition of the road.

The local people including passersby urged the road should be repaired soon otherwise many minor or major accidents can happen.  Now it remains to be seen whether the authority would repair the road or the dilapidated road will remain as it is.

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