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After how many deaths the state Government will wake up from slumber like 'Kumbhakarna' ? Asked JMC while observing 'Black Day'
TIWN June 4, 2021
After how many deaths the state Government will wake up from slumber like 'Kumbhakarna' ? Asked JMC while observing 'Black Day'
PHOTO : 10323 teachers observed Black Day, protest before Shiksha Bhawan. TIWN Pic June 4, 2021

AGARTALA, June 4 (TIWN): The JMC observed Black Day before Shiksha Bhawan by putting black ribbons on their faces to protest against the state government’s inhuman role on 10,323 teachers. While observing black day on 100 deaths of the 10,323 teachers, another sacked teacher, Nabin Debbarma, 41 years old of Bishramganj has died before completion of the JMC’s “Black Day ''. After the death of Litan Nama, 36 years old teacher of Jolaibari on Thursday, who became mentally ill after losing jobs, another teacher Nabin Debbarma death within 24 hours has made upset 10,323 teachers. JMC member Dalia Das said the government had promised us on 3rd Oct that Government will make a permanent solution of our jobs within 1-2 months but the state government has made U-turn from taking responsibilities of 10,323 teachers. 2 deaths within 24 hours but government is playing dumb role has made 10, 323 teachers upset.

Terminated 10,323 teachers are in severe crisis facing extreme poverty after losing jobs as financial crisis to loan burden hitting them, instead of helping them the state government is playing inhuman role with 10,323 teachers, said JMC.

JMC also said, our colleagues are dying without proper treatment one after another, some teachers are facing severe difficulties to arrange food and also not being able to arrange medicines for their old parents. As among 10,323 teachers several teachers had committed suicide over debt burden. 

The state witnessed how brutally state government disrupted our 51 days democratic movement by sending government police but we are not moving backward and we will start massive protest after the COVID situation gets normalised, said JMC.

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