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Fans Believe Katy Perry Is Turning Into A Kardashian
TIWN July 8, 2024
Fans Believe Katy Perry Is Turning Into A Kardashian

New York, July 8 : The new look of Katy Perry at the Paris Fashion Week 2024 confused the fans as many misidentified the singer as Kim Kardashian and her former hubby, Kanye West’s new wife, Bianca Censori. Perry appeared in a black fur coat and wore nothing within it. Further, she complimented her look with ripped stockings and black shades. To add to the confusion the American Idol judge glamorized in her shining black hair and tanned skin tone.

Many netizens expressed their shock at Perry’s new look as they took to X (formerly Twitter) to express their view. One user wrote, "Bianca Censori? No. Kim Kardashian? No. It's Katy Perry. Really?"

Another netizen tweeted, "Kim Kardashian and Nicole Kidman! Sorry, it's Katy Perry!"   “For a moment I thought it was Kim Kardashian after I thought it was Kayne's girlfriend and by the title, I knew that it was Katy Perry. Hahaha,” another user commented. 

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