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Emily Blunt says she feels 'lighter than air' after turning 41
Emily Blunt says she feels 'lighter than air' after turning 41

Los Angeles, Feb 24 : Actress Emily Blunt shared that she's feeling "happy" and "peaceful" after turning 41.

The actress told "I feel like I've been lighter than air the last couple of weeks. I feel so happy. I don't know if I've had much time to let it sink in. I feel very happy, peaceful, happy." 

Her 'Oppenheimer' co-star Robert Downey Jr, praised the actress, calling her an "optimist", reports  Speaking about his London-born co-star, he said: "Blunt is most naturally disposed to being an optimist, while being real about things.

And also, it's really weird, because you don't see a lot of Brit in her. I'm not saying because you're so cool, but you have an equanimity and a balance - you almost never talk smack about anyone."  She struggled with stuttering as a child, and the actress recently revealed that she would love to make a movie "about a stutterer."   L

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