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Adaa Khan decodes Deepika's fashion mantra; 'exudes confidence in whatever she wears'
Adaa Khan decodes Deepika's fashion mantra; 'exudes confidence in whatever she wears'

Mumbai, Feb 19 : Actress Adaa Khan, known for her work in 'Naagin' shared that she loves the way Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone dresses up, adding that she oozes confidence no matter what she wears.

Decoding her fashion mantra, Adaa said: "I see fashion as a means of expressing myself. It's a subtle way of expressing my personality, creativity, and mood. It should be appropriate for the situation, allow me to try new things, and enable me to pull them off without feeling uncomfortable."  "Although I don't have anyone in particular to look up to in terms of fashion, I do think highly of Deepika Padukone. She expresses confidence in whatever she wears," she shared.  The 'Behenein' fame actress also expressed that being a celebrity does come with its baggage, as they need to look good at all times.  "Being in the spotlight does come with a certain amount of pressure. But I've learned to accept it with grace, realising that being well-groomed is more than simply appearance-- it's also about expressing confidence and genuineness," she said.  Adaa loves to keep up with trends, and said: "I really like keeping up with current fashions, but instead of just following what's in style, I always make sure that the trends suit my comfort level and personal taste. In addition, I personalise everything I wear in order to combine trends with originality."

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