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'Adipurush' dialogue writer Manoj Muntashir on how India can become 'Vishwaguru'
'Adipurush' dialogue writer Manoj Muntashir on how India can become 'Vishwaguru'

Mumbai, May 10 : Manoj Muntashir, who has written the dialogues of the upcoming Prabhas-starrer 'Adipurush, on Tuesday spoke about how it's imperative for every Indian child to transform into lord Ram for India to attain the status of world power.

At the film’s trailer launch, Manoj claimed India is on its way to becoming one of the most powerful nations in the world and that it’s a testament to ‘Ram Rajya’ in India.

Speaking at the sidelines of the film's trailer launch at, he said: "India has become the fifth largest economy in the world after bypassing the UK. India is on its way to becoming Vishwaguru. But, for India to become vishwaguru, it's imperative that every child in this country transforms into lord Shri Ram". 

Manoj is known for his hardline political stance and in the past has shared a video about how the country had been brainwashed and roads were named after "glorified dacoits" like Akbar, Humayun and Jehangir.  A few days back Manoj also criticised Congress's claim for putting a ban on Bajrang Dal as a part of their manifesto during the high-voltage Karnataka elections.

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