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TV actress Monika Singh: Faced a lot of rejections that comes with being an aspiring actress
TV actress Monika Singh: Faced a lot of rejections that comes with being an aspiring actress

Mumbai, May 9 : Actress Monika Singh, who has been part of shows such as 'Guddan Tumse Naa Ho Payega', 'Kulfi Kumar Bajewala', 'Bahut Pyar Karte Hai', says she has seen her share of struggles and dealt with uncertainties in her initial days.

"I'd say that I am grateful for the opportunities that have come my way, but I also recognise that there is still a long way to go in my career." "There have been many ups and downs, and there have been times when I felt like giving up, but I have persevered and worked hard to get to where I am today. I am proud of the progress that I have made so far, but I also know that there is always room for improvement," she said. She added: "In the early stages of my career, I faced a lot of rejections and had to deal with the constant uncertainty that comes with being an aspiring actress. There were times when I missed out on auditions or opportunities due to scheduling conflicts or lack of experience, and it was definitely tough to deal with those setbacks."  "However, I have always tried to stay positive and to focus on the things that I can control. Whenever I missed an opportunity or faced a setback, I would take the time to reflect on what I could have done differently and to learn from my mistakes." The actress adds that one has to constantly be active to be successful today. "In this kind of environment, it's definitely true that if you don't take up an opportunity, there are likely many others who will be ready and willing to do so. However, I believe that the key to success in this industry is not just about taking every opportunity that comes your way, but about being strategic and selective about the opportunities that you do take."

"For me, this means looking for projects and roles that are truly meaningful and that align with my goals and values as an actor. It also means being open to new and innovative platforms, but also being cautious and thoughtful about the projects I choose to work on," she says. Talking about the kind of work she wants to do in the future, she says, "I am interested in opportunities in action, mythological, historical, and comedy genres. I look for projects with strong female characters in action films, and roles that explore real-life historical figures in mythological historical films." "There are definitely roles that I have dreamed of playing but have not yet had the opportunity to do so. One role that comes to mind is that of a strong and complex female lead in a dramatic TV serial. I would love to sink my teeth into a role that requires a lot of emotional depth and nuance, and that challenges me to push my boundaries as an actress."

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