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Nimrit, first 'Bigg Boss 16' contestant, wants to see Salman shirtless
Nimrit, first 'Bigg Boss 16' contestant, wants to see Salman shirtless

New Delhi, Oct 2 (TIWN) The entertainingly controversial reality show hosted by Salman Khan is back with its 16th season.

While she was in school, she had once met him while he was shooting. She got a picture of him along with her family. After that, Salman had come for promotions on the sets of Choti Sarrdaarni and now that she is entering the biggest reality show, she wants him to be the first person she sees.      Salman asks if she is the same bubbly person. Nimrit reveals that "I am a real sardarni, and not just an actor, I am a lawyer too. Nimrit asks Salman to make her his lawyer. Salman has a condition that he will only agree after seeing her game inside the house. Nimrit insists that they could do a demo where she will claim a few crimes and he would agree or disagree. Nimrit begins, "Under the section of Heartbreak, you have broken every girl's heart". Salman disagrees. Later agrees that he has. Her second claim is, "We don't get to see Salman Khan shirtless in Weekend Ka Vaar". Salman agrees to do it for Nimrit this time. Her third claim is that she never got to dance with him and they dance on "Aethe aa". Nimrit enters the house and Bigg Boss gives her two choices, seeing the house on her own or through his eyes. She only gets the living area, the bedrooms are not for them. Only shows the captain's bedroom to her and gives her a task that she will have to allot rooms and tasks to every contestant that enters after her if she wants to become the captain.

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