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Adele has a fangirl moment when she meets her idol Gabrielle
Adele has a fangirl moment when she meets her idol Gabrielle

London, Oct 2 (TIWN): British singer Adele had an emotional moment when she met her idol, Gabrielle, who is best remembered for her 'Bridget Jones's Diary' sound track. The 'Rolling In The Deep' hitmaker cried her heart out upon meeting the senior singer and UK chart-topper, reports.

According to reports, Gabrielle said: "It was amazing. She came to my dressing room. She was meant to be in hair and makeup, she arrived in rollers looking really cute. She just made my day. She's incredible. She cried. She nearly made me cry ?because she's phenomenal."
Adele, 34, was five when 'Dreams', which includes the line "dreams can come true", was released and the youngster growing up in Tottenham, North London, longed to emulate the singer.
Speaking at Jog-On to Cancer, a charity event in London, Gabrielle said: "We were star struck around each other but I was more star struck."
Gabrielle, who has a drooping eyelid and covers it in public with shades, an eyepatch or hair, is getting ready to embark on her '30 Years of Dreaming Tour' in 2023.

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