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Daniel Craig has one big movie regret
Daniel Craig has one big movie regret

Los Angeles, Oct 4 (TIWN) Hollywood star Daniel Craig has one big movie regret but he won't tell which one.

Asked if he regrets any movie roles, Craig said: "Yes. I don't want to say which movie, because that's not fair. I used to walk into Blockbuster, which shows you how old it is, and it would be on the shelves, maybe even not the DVD but the VHS. I'd grab it and throw it under the counter.  "I know it was only a small protest - it was only my Blockbuster - but it was some way of my never seeing that movie again. But I've never really desperately regretted anything. I think once you commit to something you go: this is it, it is what it is, good or bad." 

Craig has had a number of mentors over the years, who helped to "push him gently" into making movies.  He told The Guardian newspaper: "I was very lucky to have a couple of mentors, including Mary Selway, a casting director who has sadly died. I wanted to make interesting, groundbreaking movies, but I had no idea how to.  "I was pushed in gently by people like Mary. The Mother and Love Is the Devil were two movies she helped me make decisions about."

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