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Olivia Rodrigo says proud to be an Asian artist
Olivia Rodrigo says proud to be an Asian artist

Los Angeles, Aug 28 (TIWN) Filipino-American pop star Olivia Rodrigo is overwhelmed by the messages she receives from fans thanking her for representing the Asian community.

The 'Drivers License' singer was praised by Bowen who told Rodrigo was "radical by just existing as a musician", reports  He said: "I think you are kind of doing something very radical by just existing as a musician and the way that you are as this Asian artist. I don't know if that ever factors into the way that you approach your career. Because if I think about that too much myself, I get overwhelmed.  "And so I only open that drawer every now and then. How often do you open the drawer?"  Rodrigo then added: "I think we share a lot in that sort of space, and that's incredible to think about."

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